Blank Canvas

by Sabrina Maria

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This album has been written by Sabrina Maria. Life is full of ups and downs and whilst writing this album, it was a particularly down time. If you believe in music to get you through the good times and bad times, then take a listen to Blank Canvas - you will feel inspired, happy, sad and who knows, it may give you the hope you are looking for!


released July 5, 2018


all rights reserved



Sabrina Maria Folkestone, UK

Sabrina started singing from a
an early age and has always had a passion for music.

Although she has been singing and performing for many years, it's only been in recent years that she started putting pen to paper and writing her own songs. Her album; 'Blank Canvas' is fully self-penned.

Sabrina writes lyrics from her own life experiences and hopes you will be able to relate to them.
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Track Name: Show Me The Love
Show me the love in this loveless world
Show me peace, not hate-filled words
Sisters against sisters, brothers against brothers
Show me where the love is for one another

Wars fueled by greed, hatred fueled by power
Does the voice of love have a say anymore?
Lies and deception, the world’s most dangerous weapon
Show me a world I’m proud to live in

Show me the love
Let’s live in peace
Let’s unite in love
Let the fires cease

We only have one life it’s time to live it in peace
Let’s judge our own actions so the fires can cease
Stop pointing the finger and deal with your own sin
So that peace can finally live and reside within

All we have in this world is one another
Yet we’re beaten and broken for the pleasure of others
Where’s the acceptance of our own uniqueness
Where is the love, the beauty and kindness?
Track Name: Survivor
You’re a survivor, You’re a fighter
You see the fire and walk right through
You’re a survivor, you’re a fighter
You never sink, but swim that’s always been you

But I see your face, it hides so many pains
A smile to hide your frown from the crowd
There’s no need to pretend, I’ll be with you ‘til the end
Just take that armour down

You’re a survivor, you’re a fighter
You wipe off the dust and stand up straight
You’re a survivor, you’re a fighter
You always win the duel’s you’re never late


Sword and shield at the ready, standing to attention
Making sure that you are never caught
Eyes at the back of your head, waiting for the action
But not every battle needs to be fought

Yes, I see your face ………….

Take it down, take that armour down
Take it down, down, down, down
Take it down, take that armour down
Take it down, down, down, down
Take it down, take that armour down
Take it down, down, down, down
Track Name: A Moment In Time
It was just a moment in time
I knew you could never be mine
But we both had to seize that moment
Spend those hours together - life momentarily frozen

Your smile lit up my world
You just don’t know how you touched this girl
I won’t have the chance to tell you
For it was just a moment, a love prelude

Will I ever meet someone like you?
Someone who makes me feel the way you do
Oh, the hours we spent together were so magical
The way you held my hand, the innocence, so natural

I often wonder how you are
You seem so very close, yet so very far
Would like to know if you’re truly happy?
And if you ever think of those few hours spent with me?

Will I ever meet someone like you?
Someone who makes me feel like you do

Track Name: Shotgun
You told me you loved me, said we'd last forever
I was your one and only we'd always be together
I thought I'd met the man of my dreams
But you ripped my heart open right at the seems

You're a shotgun to my head,
Your words are so empty, well and truly dead
You’re a shotgun,
You’re a shotgun to my head

When the going gets tough you drop me like a fish in the sea
You reel me back in when life is fun, free and easy
You run and you hide when the chips are down
Well I got news for you honey, I’m not sticking around.


You’re a shotgun x 5
You’re a shotgun to my head
Track Name: Blank Canvas
You've led me to a place,
Where my life's a blank canvas
I'm kneeling, trying to pray,
But I still can't find the answers
Where are you leading me?
Can't you see this girl needs to be set free.

You said you've come to make all things new
I'm guessing that's where I'm at now
You're stripping of old and no use
A new life, a blank canvas
Like a caterpillar shedding its skin
Making room for the beauty that's living within

Here, I am, I'm your blank canvas
Waiting for you to draw your masterpiece
Splash those colours vivid on the page
Make it bright and joyful
Full of amazing grace

Carry me, please carry me
Whilst I'm going through this transformation
Provide me with all that I need
To see me through the other side
I'll be looking for one set of footprints in the sand
So I know that you are carrying me and holding my hand



... make it bright and joyful, full of amazing grace
Track Name: Mama
Oh Mama, do you know how much I miss you?
You're the only one I ever really opened up to
No-one ever understood me like you did
You were my angel in disguise, my kindred spirit

I look around and think that you're still here
I can't believe that you have gone because still feel so near
But it was hard to watch you suffer like you did
Your angel wings had broken, followed by your spirit

Life will never be the same again
For you were more than a mother to me, my best friend
I'd come to you with everything and you'd always be there
You'd wipe away my tears with that loving gentle hand

Are you looking down on me each day
Coz I really need your help to show me the way
I hope you can hear when I talk to you
I'd like to think you're giving me answers like you always used to


I know I'm being selfish for it was your time to go
You're with papa now it's what you wanted I know
But it doesn't change the way I feel, I miss you both
I close my eyes and dream of memories loved and lost

Track Name: Best Friend
You’re my best friend, we’re like Thelma and Louise
Two friends like pods in peas, we are tight
You’re my best friend, we stick together in the fights of life
Always there in each other’s strife, we are strong

You’re my best friend, we’ll be together until the end
Ride off that cliff with hand in hand, coz that’s who we are
You’re my best friend we share and live out each other’s dreams
Always there to sew up the seams when things go wrong

Friends will come and go, but with us I know it won’t be so
Coz we’ve been through far too many highs and lows
We scream and we fight, just as we did last night
But we get past all the hurts and let things go

You’re my best friend, you lift me up when times are rough
Always there when things get tough, have each other’s backs
You’re my best friend, tears of laughter at each other’s joke
Cry together with tears that choke when things are sad

My, oh my, oh my, we do have the craziest times
I guess that’s why we’re called best friends
I guess that’s why we’re called best friends
Track Name: This Too Shall Pass
All my life I’ve been searching for something
Something that'd make me whole
But, instead what I found were situations
which left me broken and feeling alone

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining
Coz I truly believe it was meant to be
I’ve become the woman you had always intended
A woman free to be me

So, don’t be disheartened, no and don’t be dismayed
Coz this situation too shall pass
Keep your head held high and look up to the sky
and trust in a love that lasts
Keep your head held high and look up to the sky
Coz this situation too shall pass

Those days of darkness, oh those days of pain
Were needed to help me grow
My tears used to fall like the heaviest of rain
But they fell, so to make me whole


So, when life doesn’t go the way you hoped and planned
Take hope in what’s happening behind the scenes
A plan to make you into the person
you could only have ever dreamt to be

Track Name: I Feel Love
So many years alone, then into my life you roam
Please be gentle with me
Don’t break my heart or
Tear my world apart

I feel love, I have no doubts in my mind
True love is what I always hoped to find
Love, love, love – it’s real
Don’t ever wanna change the way I fee

It’s taken years you see
To get this girl to finally believe
That love is not just about fairy tales
But can happen to the likes of me and you

It’s my time for joy, let go of the pain
Time for sunshine, no more rain
I’m taking a chance; I give you my all
An open heart, no more walls
Baby I leave the past, I’m all yours


I feel love, I have no doubts in my mind
True love is what I always hoped to find
Love, love, love – it’s real

Don’t ever wanna change the way
Don’t ever wanna change the way
Don’t ever wanna change the way I feel
Track Name: Lucky Escape
You had a lucky escape
Can’t believe the grief you had to take
Fate was on your side, it was your one true guide
Moments passed, moments wasted
But you should count your lucky stars
Coz fate broke something oh so tainted
it was all just a farce

When things are not meant to be
But you can’t see the wood for the trees
You have to believe, yeah you have to believe
That life will take you in the right direction
Fate has your back, allow its intervention
And then you will see, yeah then you will see
That you had a lucky escape, you had a lucky escape
Yeah, you had a lucky escape

Life may seem a mess right now
But you know it will change somehow
Coz fate is on your side, just waiting for the turning tide
Keep the faith, be firm, be strong
And wait for the doors to open
Don’t lose hope, you gotta be patient
You’ll come to realise, the mess was worth it


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